Our Representatives

Serving New England for over 45 years. David Swain Associates provides great insights, know-how, and expertise to the industry. Working with a wide range of manufacturers.
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Region 1: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island

Founded in 1990, Tri-State Marketing is committed to integrity and excellence. Giving food service professionals the tools they need to succeed, their clients are leaders in their respective industries.
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Region 2 & 3: New York, Northern New Jersey, Connecticut (Fairfield County)

Providing equipment solutions in the food industry since 1980, Starliper & Associates believes that quality customer service is the hallmark of their success. Learn More.

Region 4: Pennsylvania (Except West of State College and Pittsburgh), New Jersey (Trenton and South), Delaware

The SWG team offers broad product knowledge, sales expertise, and a passion for the food service industry designed to help their customer achieve the best outcomes.
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Region 5: Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C.

Family owned since 1985, Stiefel Associates, Inc. has been helping commercial and institutional food service facilities select the right equipment to meet their needs. Learn More.

Region 6: Michigan, Indiana

Founded in 1980 with just two employees, SESCO is now a multi-million dollar operation representing 20+ food service manufacturers in seven states. 
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Region 7: Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, Indiana 

Master Marketing Sunlow embraces a standard of excellence. Providing great services and products to their customers for many decades. Learn More.

Region 11: North Carolina, South Carolina

Region 12: Alabama, Georgia, East Tennessee

Finn Food Service Logos

Founded in 1984, Finn Foodservice has represented the highest quality manufacturers for almost four decades. Meeting client needs and improving the culinary experience itself is at the core of what they do! Learn More.

Region 13: Florida

Marketing Agents South has offered enumerable food service solutions to their customers. Boasting a reputation for hard-work and exemplary customer service. Learn More.

Region 14: West Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi

PRO-QUIP Foodservice has been providing high-quality representation for the finest manufacturers of food service equipment and supplies for over thirty years. From high-quality tabletop items to heavy equipment, customer satisfaction is PRO-QUIP’s top priority. Learn More.

Region 15: Texas, Oklahoma

Heartland Rep Logo

Heartland Reps LLC specializes in providing equipment and supply solutions throughout Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and Southern Illinois. Providing a host of expert resources for all of their customers. Learn More.

Region 16: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska 

With over 75 years of combined experience, the Jaymark Group has made helping foodservice representation their passion. A knowledgeable group that works hard and has fun doing it!
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Region 17: Chicago Metro

Specialized brings knowledge, experience, and high tech solutions to food service operations across their area. Giving their clients an edge in a competitive market place. Learn More.

Region 18: Wisconsin, Upper Michigan

Total Source is committed to producing results with a dedicated team and a variety of innovative solutions. An experienced group that is committed to success! Learn More.

REGION 20: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Texas (El Paso Only), Utah, Wyoming

Preferred Marketing Group

With an unwavering commitment to exceptional service has earned Preferred Marketing a stellar reputation in their industry. An extremely reliable equipment and service provider.

Region 22: California (Kern County South), Los Angeles Metro, Nevada (Clark County Only)

Region 24: San Francisco Metro California (North of Bakersfield), Nevada (North of Clark County)