191 K SP

191 K SP

Single flavor counter top pump machine. Ideal for neutral or flavored milkshakes.
It is compact, has an attractive look and it guarantees top production results.
Excellent production results
Even if its limited in size, its performance is superior to other machines in its same category
It allows you to vary the overrun so that you can use any type of mix and produce special shakes
It is the smallest in its range.
It adapts to any type of situation using the innovative condensing system


  • Performance and Quality: Compact shake machine provides superior performance to other machines in the same category. It allows you to vary the overrun so that you can use any type of mix and produce special and premium shakes. Interactive display communicates with operators delivering instructions and performance data.;
  • Convenience: Self-pasteurization system allows machine to be cleaned and disassembled just 9 times a year. Compact size and rear chimney fits into most settings and can be installed next to other equipment.;
  • Savings: Direct expansion cooling cylinder optimizes refrigeration efficiency for fast freeze downtime, less waste of product, ensuring higher quality and energy savings. Dispenser is equipped with an automatic self-closing system to stop the flow of shake eliminating any waste.;
  • Hygiene: Hopper Agitator prevents product stratification and helps reduce foam by maintaining a fluid consistency. Cleaning is simplified thanks to cylinder heating and easy disassembly of the dispensing unit. TEOREMA guarantees facilitated assistance by providing online monitoring and diagnosis on a tablet, phone or PC wherever you are.

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