193 SP G

193 SP G

The ultimate gravity fed counter top model for high volume production with a self pasteurizing system.


  • Performance and Quality: The Carpigiani reputation for the smoothest, creamiest soft serve in the market is proven with this powerful, customizable model for two flavors and twist flavor. Hard-O-Tronic consistency control technology Exclusive patented system that regulates refrigeration by measuring product viscosity to maintain consistent quality control. Gravity fed model allows product with high fiber content or small pieces such as fruit seeds. Mix is fed from the rear of cylinder eliminating need to prime and allowing more controllable overrun.;
  • Convenience: With self-pasteurizing, no cleaning is required for up to 14 days. Hopper agitator prevents mixture separation and maintains consistent refrigerated temperature.;
  • Savings: Lowest power consumption and the least number of components to clean. Unique cylinder construction delivers better results using less electricity.;
  • Safety: TEOREMA guarantees facilitated assistance by providing online monitoring and diagnosis on a tablet, phone or PC wherever you are.;
  • Hygiene: Standby mode maintains safe product temperatures in the freezing cylinder and mix hopper utilizing minimal energy during long no-use periods. Audible Signal alerts when refill is needed.

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