Futuro Island

Futuro Island

The Futuro Island is a plug-in display – through a simple button, the operator chooses the temperature of his equipment. Refrigeration or conservation of frozen products, for packed products such as meat, fish, charcuterie, desserts and meals. With casters it is easily positioned wherever suitable in your store.


  • Fan assisted cooling with positive or negative temperature, allowing the same unit to display different products;
  • Island display available with dupla control for freezer application or refrigeration applications;
  • Sliding glass covers for greater energy efficiency, up to 50% energy savings;
  • Easy to remove and to sanitize internal components;
  • LED light technology enhances presentation;
  • Plug-in solution, just plug it into the socket;
  • Set of casters for easy in-store movement;
  • Automatic Defrost;
  • 360° Display

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