KW 50

KW 50

This units will cut your whipped topping costs by up to 40%. The KW-50 produces up to 30 gallons of finished product per hour.


  • Performance: and Quality Carpigiani Patented Texturizer rapidly mixes in air for the ideal whipped cream. Pump can be adjusted to change the amount of air incorporated into the product. Works with heavy cream as well as non-dairy creams. Flavors can be added directly to cream, such as vanilla, chocolate, seasonal flavors & more.;
  • Convenience: Operated by simple push button Self-contained, does not require any plumbing hook-ups and can be easily moved to different locations. Requires minimal countertop space. Includes Drip collector to avoid mess.;
  • Hygiene: Tank drain makes it easy to clean and sanitize in just minutes. Product keeps optimal freshness for 24 hours under refrigeration.

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