Pastochef 55 RTX

Pastochef 55 RTX

Pastry and more. No obstacles to creativity.
Remaining true to our commitment to meet customer demands, we proudly present the new Pastochef RTX, built upon the wealth of our experience and the feedback received from the many users of our specialty equipment. Pastry chefs, ice-cream makers and gourmet chefs alike now have an even more flexible instrument to meet all their production and creative needs.
The Pastochef RTX machines blend, cook, heat, cool, age and preserve an unlimited number of specialties, all in a perfectly hygienic fashion.
20 pastry, 5 gourmet food, 9 open programs



  • Performance and Quality: Mix, heat, cook, cool, age & store within Pastochef. Perfect for classic pastry creams as well as providing the tools and freedom for creative recipes for the Pastry Chef and Chocolatier. Save time and eort when creating labor-intensive recipes such as Ganache Cream, Bechamel sauce, pastry recipes as well as savory dishes like Polenta and Ragu Bolognese and easily create in-house sauces, syrups and jams. Pastochef includes 20 pastry, 5 gourmet food, 9 open programs (temperatures can be modified).;
  • Convenience: Easily prepare traditionally labor-intensive recipes without reducing quality. Spigot accommodates very thick liquids and dense products. Includes full recipe book with minimum and maximum amounts for each recipe.;
  • Safety: Safety closure to protect liquid ingredients. Protective cover to avoid splashes.;
  • Hygiene: Pastochef will guarantee product safety even during power or water outage by either completing cycle if possible or going into storage mode. Built-in faucet with flex hose makes cleaning fast and easy.

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