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Do you know the advantages of a 2-in-1 display case

Do you know the advantages of a 2-in-1 display case

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The Fresco Combo display is a combination of a traditional service display with a grab and go merchandiser.

GTI’s Fresco Combo model helps business grow by bringing the self-service sale of packaged products and fresh foods service in a single display cabinet. By combining two functions, it doubles the display area in a small footprint space. Ideal for coffee shops, convenience stores, and more!

Two exhibition areas = Two sales opportunities

Below the self-service sale of packed food and drinks and above the exhibition and sale with service of fresh and delicate food. You can take advantage of cross selling! The Fresco Combo display range is available in fully chilled models (both compartments).


  • Perfect for fresh and packaged foods and drinks
  • Greater display capacity in service and self-service
  • Increases business opportunities
  • Stimulates impulse buying and cross-selling
  • Easy access for staff and consumers
  • Affordable products and always on hand
  • Ideal for cafe, pastry, bakery, coffee shops, and more

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