With a modern and minimalist design, the new line of Minimal display cabinets were developed to meet the requirements of the new exposition concepts for pastry and bakery products. The elevated exhibition plan, the set of low glasses and the absence of technical elements give it an extraordinary visibility which enhances the quality of products on display.

The Minimal Series Display Case combines both modern and simple minimalist design. Developed to offer solutions for Pastry,Chocolate, Macaron, Bread, Salad, Sandwich and Prepared Food Display – the elegant design allows the customer to easily connect with the displayed products – clean lines, easy visibility – and some unique solutions make this a simple option that lets the product display do the talking.


  • Available for Pastry, Chocolate, Macaron, Bread, Salad, Sandwich and Prepared Food;
  • Bi-temperature version (pastry/ chocolates) with a simple button easily adjust the temperature of the display case according to the exposition needs;
  • Version with humidification system assures an excellent presentation and extends the durability of the most sophisticated pastry;
  • Elevated and height-adjustable exposition plan allows the placement of cakes and bread at different heights;
  • Anti-fogging system on front glasses, which guarantees a maximum visibility without condensation;
  • Choice of Colors/Laminates and Finishes for the front case decoration;
  • Fully Refrigerated/ Humidity Control/ Dry/ Neutral;
  • LED light technology enhances presentation;
  • Available in multiple sneeze guard options;
  • Ideal for exhibition of individual pastry;
  • Easy Clean Vacuum System;
  • Rear Glass Sliding Doors;
  • Custom Finishing

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