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Grab N Go | Display Cases for the New Normal

Grab N Go | Display Cases for the New Normal

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2020 has been a transformative year for the restaurant & food service industry. The way customers interact with food service locations has been deeply impacted. Whether you own a gelateria, cafe, pastry, bakery, deli or market, your store should continue to adapt with the times.

The key for any food service operation today is to establish a safe environment for customers and employees. This is accomplished by developing methods to sanitize your store, create avenues for social distancing and limit interaction between patrons & staff. It is important to remember that a store should not only be clean, but efficient pathways should also be created to guide the customers in and out of the store without crossing paths or clogging up space. Sneeze guards are an effective way of creating a barrier and should be installed above all displays and POS stations.

Another point of emphasis is how your product is displayed and how customers interact with that product. The Grab N Go display case solution allows for display of beverages, sandwiches, breads, pastries and more that your customers can add to their check out. Not only are Grab N Go display cases perfect for impulse buying, but they also allow the customer to quickly grab what they need and go!

There are multiple versions of Grab N Go display cases, which means you are sure to find a solution for your store concept. Pastry and bread display such as bakery display shelves and bread display racks will fit perfectly in any Pastry or Bakery establishment. GTI Designs has multiple Pastry and Bakery options: Columbus-Multideck, Fundador, Primus, and United. Meanwhile deli, market, cafe and prepared food locations benefit from grab and go display cases, grab and go refrigerators. GTI has multiple grab and go cases: Daisy, P-Quadro, Fresco Combo/ Impulse, Futuro Island, and Vista.

One of the newest available products in GTI’s Grab N Go lineup is the Fresco Combo/ Impulse – with 3 options in Grab N Go Service Units: Refrigerated Top and Bottom option, Refrigerated and Ambient/ Dry Top section. Available in multiple lengths for perfect space planning. Classic European Design – simple, stylish, elegant & functional. If you are looking to add Grab N Go display cases to your store, GTI Designs is here to help!

Since 1993, GTI Designs has provided food service & retail projects with design, millwork, display cases, equipment & installation. Whether you are opening a store, or making renovations call us for a free consolation. We will take your concept and turn it into reality.

Contact us at 631-981-2100 and customerservice@gtidesigns.com

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