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GTI Designs Social Media Relaunch

GTI Designs Social Media Relaunch

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By Nicolas Corton

We are excited to announce big changes are coming to GTI Designs in 2020! If you have been following GTI Designs for the past 27 years, you may have noticed our social media presence has been lacking. 2020 is a new year, and GTI Designs is aiming to revitalize our social media presence. Join us as we look to reestablish ourselves on each platform and create original content!

GTI Designs has been in the design and build business for food service locations for over 27 years. We have built a sturdy reputation with our clients and have found success through organic leads. However, social media content has become a new currency in marketing, and GTI is looking to expand into that terrain. GTI Designs has found success by selling quality products and building strong relationships with our clients. We are still dedicated on providing industry leading display cases, Carpigiani equipment, and all things gelato. With this campaign we are simply looking to spread our message to a larger audience. 

You may be wondering what exactly a Social Media Relaunch entails. The first step to any successful social media campaign is a social media audit. A social media audit is when one goes through the company’s presence on each platform collecting data on number of followers, post engagement, and post reach. After the audit, the company should create goals for how many followers they want to achieve. The next step is to establish a strategy. After you have collected a list of goals, develop a roadmap on how to get there. Will you be able to grow through organic posting? Or should your company invest in paid advertisements on each social media channel? The last step is to create original content for the different channels! One of the most important things to remember when posting to each social media platform is “Diversification of Content”. If your Facebook and Instagram have identical posts, your audience is less likely to engage. Each platform has a unique audience, and that audience requires unique messaging and content. For example, hashtags do well on Instagram and Twitter, but hashtags on Facebook may be counterproductive. We are excited about this new campaign, and you will be hearing more from us throughout its course.

Our channels include FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn, and Pinterest. Follow us on each platform to receive new quality content! 

– GTI Designs Social Media Team

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